Flashingboards can be used both outdoors and indoors.

For outdoor use, it is important to make sure the Flashingboards are placed away from moisture and in a shady location where it will not get prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

The warranty does not cover any misuse of Flashingboards beyond the normal intended purpose. No repairs, replacement nor refund will be made to those who do not follow the instructions.

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LED发光手写板采用特殊的荧光笔书写,通上电源后,色彩绚丽夺目。此外它取代了以往广告招牌 死板的缺点,LED发光手写板可以随写随擦,反复使用。LED发光手写板可以控制在白光状态,也可 以依据个人爱好控制在红光状态,当然也可以控制在红白光交替闪动状态。让顾客的眼光首先注意 到您的店铺!

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